Exposure for your article

Where will your article go and how many links will it have? Well, let’s take a look at an article that was uploaded today. At first, it goes to the home page of our popular website. Because we read from left to right, the left hand spot makes it the most important article on the site:

Of course, the article itself looks gorgeous and remember that it will stay on our site permanently:

At the bottom of the article you’ll notice some interesting features:

There’s an interactive map to show viewers exactly where you are. There are social sharing buttons that let people easily share your article to their own social media accounts. And notice that there are related links too. The article is about Eten Foods and the top three related articles are too. People DO click on these. How do we know? Because of our ‘popular articles’ page.

Because the new article has been promoted via social media (more about that in a minute) the related links have also been revitalized and are in our top list. Pretty fantastic so far! Now, we check to make sure that your article is in search engines. It only takes a few minutes because our site is very search engine friendly:

Of course, it is in search engines and although we have no control over what search engines do, the chances are that it will stay there permanently. Next, we start adding your article to social media with links that click through directly to the article. Facebook:

Then to Google+

Again, the link goes directly to your article. We add your article to Pinterest and again, it links:

Next, it’s uploaded to our Team Las Olas curation service:

Next, we add it to our Rebelmouse account:

Remember that all these social media links will be found in search engines. We use a feed from the above account for the social media hub on our Las Olas website:

This is splendid! We then add your article to our online daily paper:

And we use a feed from the online paper to create the a page on our site:

Phew! And we STILL haven’t finished! Your article is also added to our ‘trending topics’ site.

And this in turn created the ‘trending topics’ widget which is on EVERY page on our site:

Ah yes, don’t forget Twitter:

That show our main I Am Las Olas Twitter account but it was also added to our Dine Las Olas account:

Now, and we’re nearly finished, we add it to our Storypad:

Every Sunday, we use our storypad to create a weekly digest of articles that goes on our site AND on a stand-alone site too. Next, we add it to the ‘cuttings’ of articles that we use to create our Friday newsletter:

And, just in case you’re wondering, your article looks fantastic on an iPhone:

Oh and anyone viewing your article from a phone can just touch the phone number – shown in red – to call you straight away directly from your article:







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