Your 2013 marketing plan

Hey, it’s the middle of October so I guess that your marketing plan for next year is getting pretty well developed by now. So I wanted to remind you make make sure that Team Las Olas is included in your plans. Our editorial calendar is already getting to look quite busy for the first few months of the year. (Mother’s Day is May 13th by the way, so it’s that’s a date on your radar get in touch soon).

What would we suggest? Well, devising a great marketing plan does take time so the first step is to get in touch with us. This year, our site’s hit rate gets bigger every day, as does the number of social media followers so we expect 2013 to be bigger and better than ever.

The perfect campaign would include a monthly article, topped up a few times during the year. For example, if you’re a restaurant, you may (probably will) want to have additional articles on those big dining-out days such as Valentines Day. Remember that we don’t want to have your article released on the same day as another restaurant – we want you to get the best possible benefit so book your dates soon.

Alternatively, you can do a little cooperative marketing with non-competing businesses. Get together with other local businesses and include them in your ‘spend a perfect Valentines Day on Las Olas’ article. Spread the cost! You might even want to have a cooperative marketing article with others who are in your line of business – for example, ‘eat Italian on Las Olas’. Other ideas are to get together with your immediate neighbors or the Water Taxi (especially if you are part of their discount system).

Remember that each article will cost you only $50. There are also discounts for ordering multiple articles so if you’re having a monthly articles next year, the cost will be about $1.40 per day. That’s for permanent advertising and promotion to our huge social network and is probably less than you charge for a cup of tea :)

Scroll down to get to our contact form or view this wonderful list of what will happen to every single one of your articles. They will:

  • Be on our site – permanenently
  • Found in search engines – usually within just a few minutes of being published
  • Be added to at least two of our Twitter accounts
  • Uploaded to our Facebook page
  • Pinned to our Pinterest account
  • Added to our Google + account
  • Be headline news in our online daily paper – on our site and standalone
  • Be headline news on our social media hub – on our site and standalone
  • Uploaded to our Team Las Olas curation service
  • Be added to our Twylah website
  • Appear in our weekly digest page – on our site and standalone
  • Appear in our weekly roundup
  • Be at the top (or very close to the top) of our ‘most popular articles’ list. (And our ‘most popular’ pages IS one of our most popular pages!)
  • Be in the sidebar of all other articles as a ‘most popular article’
  • Appear in the ‘you might also like’ feature at the end of other articles which have a similar subject
  • Look beautiful on iPhones and iPads
  • For every article, you can have an update or tweak to your listing page – at no charge

You’ll be able to use each article yourself too because it appears to be an impartial article about your business, it doesn’t seem like advertising.

  • Post the article on your own social media – as many times as you like, when you like
  • Print the article and display or distribute it
  • Use it as your email signature link
  • Link to it from your own site or blog
  • Send our weekly roundup email to your own mail list
  • Encourage others to visit your article to keep it on the ‘popular articles’ page. This is self-perpetuating promotion

Wow. There’s a lot more too but it’s time for my glass of wine.  :) Get in touch.

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