Why the title of your article is important

That’s another question from a member of Team Las Olas and there are several reasons – all of them are important. They include search engines, readers, related links, Twylah, the popular pages feature

For the purposes of this rant, I’ve invented a Las Olas restaurant called Alfredo’s…

  • Search engines. Your article will be on our site permanently. For the first week or so, it will be on our home page (depending on the number of articles published).  It will also be indexed quickly by search engines. If you have an article next week, it will still be found in search engines so we must tell the search engines what your article is about – the title is the first thing search engines pay attention to. So, we have ‘New summer menu at Alfredo’s Italian restaurant on Las Olas’. You can see this title immediately explains what the content of the article actually is. We could have used ‘What’s new at Alfredo’s’ but what does that tell search engines? What’s Alfredo’s? Where is it? So let’s make it easy straight away.
  • Readers.  When your articles appear in search engines, the title is what they see first. They are going to react in the same way. ‘What is this about?’  Well, it’s about the new summer menu at Alfredo’s Italian restaurant on Las Olas! It doesn’t get any clearer than that.
  • Related links. This refers to the ‘you might also like…’ feature on our website. Just like search engines, the related links system works by looking at the title first. ‘Hmm’ it thinks to itself, I must add this to the ‘you might also like’ pages that have those same words’. So it will add your link to the bottom of any other articles featuring those words in the title. And yes, if Alfredo’s has a bunch of other articles, they will be there, right at the bottom of your new one. By the same token, your older articles will have a link to your new one.
  • Our Twylah site. This is becoming more and more important in the internet marketing and social media world – and it’s complex but again, Twylah works by using article titles. Our Twylah site shows what’s trending from our Twitter account. (Simply meaning what words are popular). The most popular words become links on the navigation of the site. Imagine Alfredo’s joy if  ’Alfredo’s Italian Restaurant’ has a section all to itself with a link on the main menu bar! Twylah also shows related links so Alfredo’s older articles get even more exposure.
  • Popular pages. It’s easy to underestimate our popular pages feature on our website but it’s importance is huge. This page provides self-perpetuating exposure for your article. It works in conjunction with the ‘you might also like…’ feature. Imagine that someone goes to Alfredo’s article about the summer menu. Underneath, in the related links is an article entitled ‘Alfredo’s Italian restaurant – meatball recipe’. And maybe there’s also an article entitled ‘Alfredo’s Italian Restaurant – our history.’ Many people who read the article will also click on the additional article. Because the new article has been promoted on social media, it is on the popular articles page. So are the additional articles.  The popular articles page is always in the top ten. So this means that your older articles are also being promoted.Note too that the top twenty most popular articles are also shown in the sidebar of every single article!

There are many other reasons why your articles should be titled properly but the above covers the main ones. For more info, get in touch.

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