The answer to your big Facebook question

This has certainly been the question of the week, if not the last month or so. It tends to go like this: ‘What the [deleted] is going on with Facebook?’

It’s simple really. Facebook is a business, that’s all. If you haven’t yet been affected by the recent changes at Facebook (and it’s only accounts with a good amount of followers that have (so far) – let me explain. Several people have been in touch regarding their Facebook statistics. Typically, something like this ‘I don’t understand what’s going on. Until recently, my Facebook posts were seen by about four hundred people. Now, the figure is only a fraction of that’. Some people are seeing that their posts are being seen by as little as 10% of the previous figure.

Facebook has the answer though. If you want your posts to be seen, you make them into ‘sponsored posts’. In other words you pay…

This was the reaction of one person: ‘This is not at all fair. I’ve devoted a lot of time to build up a Facebook following. I paid for ads to get more followers. To get even more, I ran contests where I gave stuff away – stuff I had to pay for. And now, after I’ve already paid, they want me to pay again?’ Yep. Facebook has been gradually ‘turning down the volume’ and your posts are no longer being seen to anything like the previous figures.

I’ve always warned about the attitude that social media means Facebook. You will recall that I know someone was is employed as a ‘social media manager’ and that I heard that person say, when asked what they did for a living ‘I look after [company name]‘s  Facebook page’. Yes, even people employed as social media ‘experts have believed that social media = Facebook.

Why are people so agitated about this move by Facebook? Because, the people who are really angry about this are the people who really thought that social media = Facebook. They have put all their eggs into one basket. They have concentrated on Facebook and only dabbled in (or even ignored) other social media.

So, how much does it cost to promote a post? It varies depending on the number of followers you have – it’s on a sliding scale. But the last person who consulted me about this said that it was going to be $45. (It seems that, very loosely speaking, it’s about a dollar a follower – vaguely.) At Team Las Olas we usually put up a minimum of three posts per day.  That would be $135 per day,  $945 per week,  $3780 per month.

Is it worth $45 to reach 4000 or so people? By default, the campaign is for three days.

Or put it another way – is it worth $50 to have an article on our website that will go to our huge social media network and that will remain on our site – and be found in search engines – permanently?

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