Spend less using content marketing

Imagine it’s ten years ago. If I mention social media, how many people understand what I’m talking about? There will be a few – people who use Geocities, Tripod or Classmates – but only a few. Fast forward to today and how many people will be familiar with the term? Would it be going too far to say everyone? They might not ‘get it’ (that’s their usual term) but they’ve at least heard of it or know what it means.

Right, now let’s fast forward again and jump to 2022. My crystal ball tells me that if I mention content marketing everyone will know what I’m talking about. Today, leaving aide those who can make an informed guess simply from the words, I imagine that very few people would know what I meant. Our IAmLasOlas website is exactly that – content marketing. And of course, it’s combined with social media. It means that people who suddenly realize that content marketing is incredibly important to their company don’t have to start from scratch or reinvent the wheel. So let’s look first at exactly what content marketing is.

  • Our site is a great example. Content marketing delivers information, education and entertainment via the internet
  • Nothing is all things to all people but content marketing delivers information people need to a highly targeted audience

Just as we started with time-travel, let’s go on to another fantasy. Suppose I could round up tens of thousands of people who want to know what’s available and what’s going on in our area. They would be:

  • Local residents
  • People who work locally
  • People who have second homes in our area
  • Those who are planning to vacation here
  • Travel professionals, local hotel concierges and pursers from cruise ships that dock in Port Everglades
  • Business people who are coming to our area for conventions
  • Couples who are seeking the right place for their destination wedding
  • Media people who want to write about our area

In short, people who want to know about what your business can offer them when they are in Fort Lauderdale. Once I have these people assembled in a huge but beautiful room, I am going to employ trusted individuals to tell them exactly what you want them to know about your business or organization. This will be illustrated with photographs and possibly a slideshow showcasing your business. (As I write, something similar is happening  at the Broward Convention Center. You could have hired a booth there for two hours for $375).

Of course, that’s a quirky illustration of your article on our Las Olas website. But your article does so much more.

  • It stays on our website permanently and will be found in search engines
  • It will be promoted via our huge social media network (where everyone has signed up voluntarily for local info)
  • It will be added to our daily online paper, our curation services and our weekly roundup

Plus, you can use the article yourself in any way you wish – add it to your own social media, print it and put it in your premises or use it as an impartial review of your business.

How is this going to fit into your marketing mix?


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