Social media marketing challenges

Interesting! You’ll be happy to know that you won’t face any of those challenges for your own social media campaign. Why? Let’s look at them individually:

  • Measuring the effect of social media – the best measure of social media is generated by studying the statistics of your website. How many individuals came to your website from your social media? It’s easy too to measure the success of a campaign by the social media interaction – the questions and comments received. We have a great system for this
  • Finding target audience –  you have no need to worry about this enormous task because we already have tens of thousands of social media fans and followers in place
  • Engaging with target audience – actually, I didn’t quite get this at first. But what they mean is ensureing that your audience engage with you and this is difficult for non-experts. We know exactly the type of content that encourages interaction – nothing to worry about there
  • Selling products and services on social media sites – (that capital ‘S’ let’s you know clearly that I didn’t create this graphic!) This isn’t a challenge. Remember that people on social media aren’t motivated and focused on buying. They are there to see images of their friend’s dog or whatever.  Understanding how social media works and understanding people’s motivations removes this challenge
  • Increasing productivity to maximize social media activity – as far as I can see this is just a way of saying ‘finding the time to do it right’. You don’t have that challenge as we do everything for you
  • Creating a social media strategy – yes, this is very much a challenge when starting from scratch. Luckily our infrastructure has been in place for years. We know what works
  • Identifying the most effective social media techniques – already done for you. But that doesn’t mean we rest on our laurels. We keep up to date with all the very latest information
  • Finding efficient tools to manage social media plans – done. Years ago
  • Using different social media platforms – I don’t understand this one. We simply use the right social media platforms
  • Finding the best social media platforms for business – there’s no formula; one size doesn’t fit all. But that doesn’t mean that it’s difficult to select social media platforms. We know where the people who want to know about our area are. They’ve been following us for years and their number continues to grow daily

No problem :)

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    Our 'Team Las Olas' family of websites and social media accounts are different. Why? Because of the quality of our followers.

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    Our aim is to create a vibrant and interesting online community around Las Olas and Fort Lauderdale. This community is thriving because, as we work and connect, we are ALL Team Las Olas.

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