Search engine visitors are motivated

Yet another one of those studies that I seem to constantly discover and read said that people who visit a website via search engines are more focused than people who are, for example, browsing social media.

This is obviously true when you think about it and it shows the importance of having your information on a search engine-friendly website where it can be easily found. We study the hits to our site so much. We know what people are searching for. This is great because it’s not speculation – what might happen – but it’s fact – what has happened. For example, if someone has visited our site from a search engine and the search terms they used was ‘kid friendly restaurant on Las Olas’ it’s pretty logical to assume that they are visiting the boulevard soon and want to know where to eat with their kids. If they search for ‘events on Las Olas this weekend’ we know even more – they’ll be on the boulevard soon. All the time, we see search terms such as:

  • Romantic restaurant Las Olas
  • Wedding gown Las Olas store
  • Jewelry repair Las Olas
  • Las Olas real estate
  • Pizza on Las Olas
  • Las Olas events

There are many, many more and we also often see searches for specific businesses and specific events. Now I can’t think of any reason why anyone should search for a romantic restaurant on Las Olas unless they were actually looking for one?

This is what the study meant when it said that the search engine visitor is motivated. If you’re looking for a romantic restaurant on Las Olas, you’re unlikely to go to Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or Twitter – you go to a search engine. When you’re on social media, you’re seeing what your friends are doing, you’re looking to see what’s going on in the world. You’re not motivated to buy / book / order. Search engine users are.

Usually of course, I’m banging on about our huge social media network and how local businesses should be making the most of it so isn’t the above contradicting what I usually say? Not at all. Social media helps our search engine presence, it helps us engage with our followers and chat with them. It informs and entertains; it is brand awareness. It leads people to our website. Specifically:

  • Over 75% of Pinterest users say that their main motivation is to check on trends and make informed buying decisions
  • Twitter allows us a great opportunity to react and answer questions plus provide a almost constant stream of information
  • Google + is a great way for us to reach local hotel concierges and to ensure that our articles get into search engines
  • Facebook is a great place for people to share our content and images plus a way to interact

What’s important is getting the right balance, understanding the system and making the most of it. That’s something we’re very good at :)

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