Marketing 2013

I’ve heard from a few people that they are concerned about being left behind when it comes to marketing their business in 2013.  They have heard about various technologies, buzz words, various new media and many other issues which, they’re told,  must be embraced if they are to stay up-to-date in the year to come.

Mostly, it has to be said, this information has come from companies who are trying to sell them various expensive services.

So, let’s look at these:

  1. Cross-platform marketing. For several years now, companies have been told that they must have a website that looks – and works – on every type of device; computers, tablets and cellphones. Some of these companies have been quoted tens of thousands of dollars to achieve this.
  2. Content marketing. By now, everyone is buzzing about this – it’s the way to go. And people have heard that the only way to do this – because few small businesses have the means to do it themselves – is to employ people to do it on their behalf.
  3. ‘New’ media. A lot of the ‘new’ media aren’t new at all but the owners of small businesses are too busy running their businesses to worry about Twylah, Pinterest, Rebelmouse and all the other ‘new’ services they’re hearing about But as always, there’s always someone who will take a lot of money from them to do it on their behalf.
  4. SEO. An oldie but a goodie. As things have changed on the internet so much in recent years (months, weeks, days, hours) it seems that search engines are completely different now. How can the smaller businesses compete?

Now for the reassuring part. :)

  1. People who are trying to sell you services tend to use the most complex wording to confuse their prospects. Luckily we can tell you that cross-platform marketing means simply ensuring that your information looks good on all platforms (computers, tablets and cellphones) and is spread over as many channels as possible. Your articles will look great on any platform and are shared on many channels so no problem there.
  2. This is particularly scary for small businesses. We’ve all heard how large companies are embracing content marketing. But small businesses can’t employ content marketing teams with vast experience; they can’t spend money producing – and promoting – mini-sites and micro-sites. That’s fine because they have Team Las Olas.
  3. The same applies to all the ‘new’ media you keep hearing about. When a new service comes along – as they often do – we evaluate it and if we believe it will be a valuable addition to our marketing mix, we add it and work it.
  4. People are even more confused about search engine optimization these days. Luckily it’s not something that members of Team Las Olas have to worry about. Over the years, we have carefully built up a very search engine friendly website, keeping abreast of all the latest developments.
Isn’t it good to know that we can take care of it all for you? :)


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