Making the most of it all

I’ve written before about making the most of events – such as Christmas on Las Olas or the Las Olas Art Fairs but think broadly about the word ‘event’. This morning, South Floridians woke up to a cold spell of weather. (Well, anyone in the UK or Canada would disagree with the word ‘cold’ but we’re not used to this).

What a perfect opportunity to promote a Las Olas business that sells homemade, gourmet, piping hot soup! And what’s more, we can react quickly. This job was completed by 10am – in plenty of time for those who are looking for a warming lunch. First, we wrote an article. Because this business is already a member of Team Las Olas, we already had photographs of their premises in our extensive photo library. The new article went straight only our homepage as headline news:

Our articles always take only minutes to get into search engines but we always check.

That’s all very well for people who know the business but what about those who are looking for soup on the boulevard and not that specific business? We check for that too:

The article will stay on our site permanently and in search engines too. Any time that people want to know where to get hot soup on Las Olas Boulevard, the information will be right there.

We then promote the article to our various social media and curation services. This includes:

  • Pinterest
  • Facebook
  • Twitter (main and dining accounts)
  • Google +
  • Scoop
  • Our daily online paper
  • Rebelmouse
  • Twylah … and more

Now, an interesting thing happens. Because the article has been extensively promoted, it zooms into our ‘popular articles’ list. But even better … at the end of the article (and every article we write) there are related links – ‘you might also like’. See below:

You can see that the business has had two previous articles so what does that mean? That people click on them to learn more about that business. Want a demonstration? Here you go:

So in addition to social media and curation services, there is now a link to the article on our homepage, the latest articles page AND the popular articles page, with the bonus of older articles being revived. It is also on our site on the latest news page too:

And our social hub:

In short, within a few minutes of being published, the article was linked to from at least twenty different sites, curation services, search engines and social media platforms. In most cases, these are permanent.

Let’s just take it one step further and imagine that a mere 1% of our followers shared the link on their own social media accounts, then those people also shared the link …

And of course, the article looks wonderful on cellphones and tablets too:


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