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I love it when members of Team Las Olas ask me questions but I just hope that I’m able to answer OK. Some aspects of social media are very complex and of course, when I’m writing something here I never know if the people reading it a) understand a single word I say or b) think ‘pah, I knew that’. So bear with me and scroll down to the form if you want to get in touch.

So, how does Twylah work in the context of Team Las Olas? If we are planning your campaign Twylah is an important part and the first two things to remember are:

  • Twylah is a stand-alone site. This means that everything is captured by search engines and yet another way people can find you
  • It works exclusively from Twitter. The more we tweet your article, the more it will appear
  •  It works rather like our own Las Olas website in that it has ‘you might also like’
  • It extends the life of Twitter messages

Another very important factor to note is that the navigation on our Twylah is dynamic. This means that if our most commonly tweeted phrase is ‘Las Olas’ (which it usually is, of course) then ‘Las Olas’ will be the top articles on the home page AND the first link in the navigation. Because we tweet ‘good morning from the beach with an image every day, ‘beach’ is normally the second featured item on the homepage AND the second link in the navigation bar. Got it?

Let’s look at it this way. You have a sale. We write an article about it and tweet it. If that tweet contains the word ‘Las Olas’ your tweet will go into the ‘Las Olas’ section. If it contains the word ‘beach’ it will go in the beach section.

You might have put two and two together here…

Let’s say you have a business on the boulevard called ABC Widgets. We send a tweet containing the words ‘ABC Widgets Las Olas’ and bingo, you’re in the Las Olas section and on the home page. BUT if we tweet ‘ABC Widgets’ often, ‘ABC Widgets’ becomes a link in the navigation. Twylah keeps a tally of our most popular subjects and eventually, adds a navigation link.

Isn’t that super-cool? (Or, if that’s as clear as mud, get in touch).

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