How Team Las Olas promotes events

No matter what the event is, Team Las Olas offer an unparalleled way to promote it via our website and our huge social media network. There was a great example today which I’ll share with you.

At 9 o’clock this morning, our Team Las Olas photographer arrived on Las Olas Boulevard where preparations for the art fair were taking place. At 9.04am back at Team Las Olas HQ, I received a photograph of the art fair preparations by text. Several more followed. These were then tweeted to our main Las Olas account:

These were retweeted by our Las Olas Live account:

Then, we wrote an article about the art fair and included the photographs in the form of a slideshow.

This was uploaded to our site at 9.24am – exactly twenty minutes after the first photograph had been taken. Below, see the others – when clicked they enlarge to form the slideshow:

Notice too how there are ‘you might also like’ links underneath the article leading the reader to learn more. See too the social sharing buttons so that readers can share the article with their own social media followers and friends. Then, we added the article to our huge social media network. Facebook first:

Google +


All the photographs and the images were featured on our hub account:

Next, to our Team Las Olas curation service:

AND our events in Fort Lauderdale curation:

All the photographs and the article went to the social media hub section of our very popular website:

Next, it was headline news on our trending topics stand-alone site:

The art fair has a section of its own on that site:

And every article has its own dedicated page on this search engine-friendly site:

And it’s also stored in our newsletter service which goes out of Fridays.

The article was then sent to another Twitter account – Art Las Olas:

The article then goes into our digest service so that it will be in our weekly digest of stories page on our site; published every Sunday:

All this was achieved before 9.40am – twenty minutes before the start of the event.  How many of our tens of thousands of followers, viewers and fans (and they are largely local) are now on their way to the event? And don’t forget all the people who are going to share the article and photographs with their own friends and followers! But there’s even more – thanks to the fact that we promoted the article on our social media network, it leaped into tenth spot in our ‘popular articles top 100′ page:

Pretty amazing when you think that only three quarters of an hour previously the first photograph hadn’t yet been taken! And (I’ve nearly finished, honest) a list of popular articles is shown on every article page on our site.

I’ve just one final thing to tell you – the article looks terribly terrific on a cellphone :)

If you’d like to know what we can do for your event, just get in touch!

UPDATE: Just when you thought I’d finished ;) – by ten thirty, thanks to the social media promotion, the article was in top place.

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