A day in the life of an article

Actually, it’s much longer than a day but that will be explained as we go along. This is going to be a huge article with lots of screenshots so you might want to grab your favorite beverage before you start reading. :) Here is an article that’s just been published on our site today about the Las Olas Sunday market. As you can see, it’s in the prime position on our home page.

The article has all the features you could wish for – interesting (and keyword-rich) copy, a gorgeous photograph, an interactive map and social sharing tools so that viewers can share it with their own friends and followers. See below:

You’ll see that it also has related links – ‘you might also like’ – a great feature if you have several articles as the market does. The article also looks totally terrific on a cellphone:

The next thing is to check that it has been indexed in search engines – our site is very popular and search engine friendly so it usually takes only minutes. This is important because your article will be on our website permanently and will be found by searchers:

Now we swing into action and add your article to our vast social media network. To Facebook:

Pinterest (where we contribute to boards that have tens of thousands of followers):

To Twitter (again, tens of thousands of followers spread over several specialized accounts…):

Note too that our latest tweets go into the sidebar of every article page on our website:


Google +

We’re not done yet by any means. The article become headline news in our online daily paper:

Our online paper is emailed to subscribers and tweeted but to make sure no-one misses it, it also has a dedicated page on our website which updates every morning:

Now I know that you’re thinking that this is all perfectly fabulous but guess what? We’ve still not finished. Because your article has been promoted so heavily, it will go into the top ten of our popular pages hit parade on our site:

Now what’s interesting here is that the ‘most popular’ page IS a very popular page! and the fact that your article is up there, means it gets even more attention.

The most popular links also go into the sidebar of every article on the site:

The article also becomes top news on our Rebelmouse site:

This is a stand-alone site BUT, we also add it’s content to a page on our site – the social media hub:

The article also goes to our special Twylah website of trending topics. This site, like our main site, is well-indexed by search engines. First, it appears on the home page:

Then, it’s headline news in its appropriate section (and it may be in more than one):

Plus, it has its own dedicated page:

Nearly finished ….

Every day, we collate that’s day’s articles and on Fridays, they go into our weekly roundup email:

You’ll get a copy which you can send out to your own email list if you wish. The weekly roundup is also on its own stand-alone site which is yet another opportunity for it  to be found in search engines:

Also, we collate our articles for our weekly digest which is published on our site every Sunday and will include your article. (I’m writing this on Friday – so the screenshot below is last week’s digest):

Is this the longest blog post in the history of the internet? Probably. Is this the best, most affordable internet marketing system on the planet? Without a doubt. :)


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