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Did you know that Newsreach recently reported that 27 million pieces of content are shared daily on social media? Of course, this includes Aunt Mary uploading her vacation photographs to Facebook but even so, that’s a pretty impressive figure. And, for anyone reading who hasn’t quite ‘got’ social media yet, that does not include the content that is seen on websites, blogs or curation platforms. Wow.

Now the chances are that if your competitors aren’t using content marketing, they will be very soon. And if their using Team Las Olas their content will be shared on the largest, most comprehensive, most-trusted network in our area. That’s great news for them but not good news for you – unless you scroll down and get in touch with us, that is.

Of course, you can use our services whenever you like and at the times you choose but why not launch your new content marketing with a full on campaign? They say that a consumer has to see a print or TV ad seven times on average before they respond, so let’s take an eight week campaign for our example.

I’m going to imagine this as a campaign for a restaurant but you can easily see how it would work for your particular business. Every week on a pre-determined day, we will write an article about your business illustrated by the photographs we take. This is painless for you – it takes you no time at all. For a restaurant, some ideas are below – remember this is soft-selling and permission marketing not blatant advertising.

  1. Meet our chef. People love articles about people. This would be an entertaining article but would also demonstrate the skills and knowledge your chef has. When customers visit your restaurant, they feel a connection once they have ‘met the chef’.
  2. Your story. How did your restaurant start? Did it have an interesting evolution? Why do you serve the dishes you do? What is the story behind your restaurant’s name?
  3. A few of our menu favorites. We’ll photograph dishes and make our readers’ mouths water when they see them. You can involve your staff if you wish by calling them ‘staff favorites’. My mentioning your staff, you can be sure that they will post the article to their own Facebook pages!
  4. Grilling tips. This type of article depends on the season to some extent although locally we have grilling weather year round. But it’s a good idea to include seasonal articles specifically geared towards the time of year – turkeys at Thanksgiving and so on.
  5. What’s on in your area. People don’t eat and run. Suggest a day’s activities in your area – which are family-friendly –  which culminates in dinner at your restaurant. If you want, you can offer a coupon for that week for anyone who has seen your content.
  6. About special requirements. Everyone it seems has some sort of requirement when they are selecting from a menu. It may be for medical reasons (salt-free or gluten-free), it might be that they’re watching their weight, vegetarians would love to know if you can accommodate them … how can your restaurant help them select delicious foods within their their particular needs?
  7. Recipes. People love them. Adore them. They rarely cook them but they appreciate them. You don’t have to give away chef’s secrets. Maybe he has a favorite meatball recipe from his Italian grandmother? Maybe your pastry chef makes a mean casserole? The more recipes, the better.
  8. Shopping secrets. Does your chef buy food from farmers markets? What’s the best time of year for asparagus? Highlight local suppliers (and make sure that they know about it).
  9. Staff news. A new server? A valet parker who just got married? A staff member who won an award, received an accolade or a sporting achievement?
  10. Day by day. A local restaurant has Martini Mondays, Tequila and Tapas Tuesdays, Wine Down Wednesdays and so on. Do you? Tell people what to expect.
  11. Promotions. Although we are not advertising here there’s nothing wrong with an article about any promotions or contests you might currently be running. Or devise one especially for this campaign.
  12. Families. Do you have a kids’ menu? Are kids welcome? What about dogs? (Are they welcome? I’m not suggesting a dogs’ menu. But hey…)

We’re working with an eight week campaign and there were twelve ideas to start you off. :)

Every week, when your article is written, it is:

  • Uploaded to our website which is popular, responsive and fully-featured
  • Uploaded to our huge social media network which includes Twitter, Pinterest, Google + and Facebook
  • Uploaded to our content curation platforms

Every article:

  • Has your business details including phone number which, when seen on a phone, can be clicked to get in direct touch with you
  • A fully interactive map so people can get directions to your business
  • Social sharing buttons allowing viewers to add your articles to their own social media
  • Looks great on any computer, iPad or phone

Your articles will remain on our fully-searchable site permanently. What can you do with the articles? You don’t have to do a thing but if you wish, you can:

  • Share them with your own social media followers
  • Link to the article from your own website or blog
  • Use a compilation of articles (which we will send to you) as a newsletter as often as you wish

Now it’s getting to bottom line time. You might think that this is going to cost you a lot of money. You’re wrong. Because we have our structure in place and we’re ready to go. The total cost is $340. Not per week, that’s for eight articles, all promoting your business, all uploaded to site where they will remain permanently.

To save you the math-  that’s $45 per week.

Yep :)


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