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It’s great getting your questions about Team Las Olas and here’s another about the related links system; the ‘you might also like’ feature. I was asked ‘if I have an article, will my link show on new articles only or will it be on older ones too?’

Did you understand the question? It took me a few seconds to get it and the answer is ‘yes’. But let’s see it pictorially.

This is at the bottom of an article I wrote yesterday showing the related links. They were automatically generated as soon as the article was written. The article was called Las Olas Boulevard Weddings. You can see that the system has figured out which articles are similar. The one that appears in top place in in the lead because it word ‘wedding’ is in both titles. Looking back I see that the article was written in February (it’s now September).

So, let’s go to that article – written several months ago remember:

You see what the first related link is? Las Olas Boulevard Weddings – written seven months after the publication of the Our Area’s First Wedding article. You see, every time a new article is published (this is really clever stuff) the whole website re-jigs itself. Yup.

Let’s say that I now write an article called Wedding Gowns from Zola Keller. Or Wedding Dress Sale At Victoria’s Bridal Couture. Remembering that the system is automated, there’s an extremely good chance that they too would show 7p in the lists above.

The first article I mentioned above – Las Olas Boulevard Weddings – is a general article about where wedding ceremonies can be held locally; it’s great information for brides-to-be. And right there, at the end of the article is a link to the perfect places on the boulevard to buy wedding gowns.

A perfect system, I think :)


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