Why articles are the best content

The internet has changed a lot over the last couple of years. (This being said, the internet changes every day!) The most important change has been the shift towards content marketing and this had largely been because of search engines. Of course, this means Google in particular but the other search engines will always follow Google’s lead.

To understand this more, it’s important to realize that search engines are big business. Take a look on the internet – I did and the first result I went to said that Google is worth $196 billion. Search engines don’t remain big business if they don’t keep their customers happy. Their customers are us – the people who are making 3 billion searches every day.

This is why it is vital the search engines deliver us the search results we want; results that are accurate, relevant and timely. Let’s look at those three:


  • Accurate. If you live in Paris and are searching for a restaurant the serves lobster, you don’t want to see details about how to catch lobster, a recipe for lobster soup or a lobster restaurant in New York
  • Relevant. Similar to accurate, this means that the results are relevant to your search. This starts  when Google indexes websites. There are many, many factors it evaluates in order to give you the most relevent results
  • Timely. This is very important. The chances are that if you search for ‘football’ the search engines are going to give you results that are new. They don’t want to give you details about some game three years ago, after all. This is one ofthe reasons search engines love sites that are updated daily
We have been working on websites since the last century and keep up with all the latest search engine news. More than ever, because of the above factors, it is the content of a site that counts.
The search engines priorities these days are relevance and value. This means that a particular page which offers value to viewers is rewarded by search engines. For example, search for Mona Lisa. Search engines don’t know if you mean the painting, the film of that name, a business with that name (often Italian restaurants) or exactly what you mean but the first result will be the one that Google considers gives you the best, most comprehensive information (value) so this will be Wikipedia.
This is because Google knows that the Wikipedia page :
  • Will give plenty of information about the Mona Lisa
  • Will have relevant images
  • Will provide links to further reading on the subject
  • Is impartial
  • Supplies original content
  • Will be completely up to date.
Now look at our site. An article about your business:
  • Will give plenty of information about it including your contact details, an interactive map and so on
  • Will have relevant images
  • Will provide links to further reading – ‘you might also like’…
  • Is impartial. We have no connection with your business or any ‘official body’ – our views are our own
  • Supplies original content – the article that we have personally crafted that won’t be seen anywhere else
  • Will be completely up to date
Amazing similarity to Wikipedia :)
Articles aren’t seen as being advertising – this is why magazines have traditionally used the ‘advertorial’.  Articles are seen as being reviews or being a ‘celebrity endorsement’. And when your articles are sent to our huge social media network, it’s important to remember that our followers have deliberately signed up to receive news from our area – which includes your business.


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