Where your audience is coming from on the web

I’ve mentioned before that the majority of visitors to our site are either local, or people who are planning to visit our area soon. But where are they coming from on the web? What are they clicking on to visit our website and see your information and articles?

I’ve been prompted to write this post because I’ve just been pouring over our website stats (again!) and the fact is that it differs every day. Recently, fifty percent of our website visitors were coming from social media. This is a great statistic for anyone who isn’t sure that social media is worthwhile. Basically, that last sentence means ‘use our social media network and double your hits’ doesn’t it?

Today though, eighty percent of site visitors have come to our website via Google. I’ve been monitoring this closely and here are a few interesting points that stand out:

  • This is particularly important – when people search for a business it’s likely that the first results will be sites like Yelp, or city guides. What’s important to note is that people don’t go to those sites because they know what they will see; a listing.
  • These sites are ignored because viewers (your potential customers) don’t want to see a simple listing with your address and phone number, they want interesting information about your business – which is exactly what your articles provide
  • Today, in the majority of cases, our website has showed higher in search engine results that the businesses’ own websites. Why is this? Because search engines give precedence to websites that are updated regularly as ours is. The majority of business websites can’t say the same
  • Google images send a lot of people to our website. Why? Because they are great images! I’ve ranted often about the importance of wonderful images and photography. If you were looking at Google images, would you click on a great image or a mediocre one?
  • Whenever we have a good ‘search engine day’ we find that many hits are from cellphones. This is because Google Mobile (and the Yahoo and Bing versions) have no hesitation in recommending our site to customers because of the way it looks and behaves on a cell
  • Hits to the site come from a total of thirty search engines. Bear in mind that this includes variations – Google, Google images and Google mobile count as three for example.

Tomorrow will be different again, no doubt. Tomorrow we might find that we are getting an overwhelming amount of hits from Pinterest or Twitter (Twitter is often our biggest referrer). It’s a mix. It’s a carefully maintained balance. It works.

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