What not to do on social media

The chances are that your company or organization is using social media to some extent. The first error than many make is that they delegate the job to a member of staff or someone who is not a professional social media marketer. This article is to help you evaluate that person’s efforts. If they are not doing our ‘do’s’ and are doing our ‘don’ts’, then you may wish to consider getting in touch with Team Las Olas  :)


  1. Write regular blogs and post them to social media. Your social media manager who is employed for more than two hours a day should write one daily but otherwise, once a week is fine as long as it’s consistent. Remember at all times that your blog is the heart of your social media
  2. Interact with followers and fans. Never let a query or remark go unanswered
  3. Use the ‘top four’ social media platforms daily in equal amounts
  4. Study web stats at least once a day to evaluate which platforms are working the best for you
  5. In light of this information, constantly tweak and adjust your posts and messages
  6. Use great photography and images
  7. Realize the huge importance of content marketing and ensure that the content you create is promoted across the most relevant platforms
  8. Make full use of social sharing buttons and other services to ensure that your followers share your content with their own friends
  9. Make full use of curation platforms and curate – daily.
  10. Be aware that your audiences are different on different platforms
  11. Ensure that your employer received a weekly or monthly report about your social media
  12. Use LinkedIn as a URL shortener
  13. Develop strong relationships with local social media influencers – or those in your industry
  14. Ensure that your personal social media accounts are squeaky clean
  15. Add value. You are not going to maintain genuine, interested followers or fans if you don’t offer some value to their lives. That doesn’t mean a coupon or special deal, it means information that is useful, entertaining or fun.


  1. Use automated systems such as timed Tweets, sending Facebook messages to Twitter automatically or ‘I liked a YouTube video’ or ‘I just pinned’ etc.
  2. Post on other people’s Facebook timelines unless you are sure that they haven’t disabled the option. We get several ‘posts’ on our timeline daily – which no-one ever sees
  3. Use automated curation systems without actually curating! Yes, people do it all the time
  4. Tweet long messages that are impossible to retweet
  5. Ask questions which no-one – or very few people – will answer
  6. Share content without attribution – you need the cooperation of your social media peers
  7. Show your own strong opinions about sensitive issues unless it is part of your company’s persona
  8. Be repetitive – no-one wants to see the same messages time after time
  9. Post sales messages – you have a lot of competition out there so sales messages are the last thing we need to see. Be interesting. Sending ‘motivational quotes’ is the other big no-no unless that is part of your compny or organization’s ethos
  10. Tile images for backgrounds – take the trouble to create on, it doesn’t take long and tiled backgrounds look so tacky
  11. Use ridiculous hashtags and certainly don’t hashtag every word in your message. They must be used wisely and are not a ‘magic’ way of attracting people to your message
  12. Ignore the fact that social media platforms have search facilities. Hopefully you have a background in search engine optimization so know how to optimize your posts, blogs and messages so that they are returned in search results
  13. Think that you can delete an erroneous message without it being seen. Unless you delete within just a few seconds, that message has been seen and possibly archived. Be aware that there are websites that collect deleted messages and that it takes less than a second to take a screenshot
  14. Use ten words when two will do – remember that social media is immediate and is all about instant information. Don’t write ‘Our dinner special tonight is salmon grilled to perfection’ when you can write ‘Dinner special:
    Grilled salmon…’
  15. Rely on words alone. A picture, as they always say, tells a thousand words and great photography is shared morethan any other type of content

If you’re unsure about whether your social media employee is aware of these issues, just ask them a question or two. For example “I was reading an article about social media the other day and it suggested using LinkedIn as a URL shortener. Why is that?” Or “I read on the internet that curation platforms are very important in social media. Which do we use?” Just ask and you’ll soon know whether you need to be using Team Las Olas :)

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