What is niche marketing?

Q and A of the day! Most people realize that niche marketing is … well … marketing to a particular niche or ‘segment of the market’ as marketers like to say. And of course, if you have a bricks and mortar business on or near Las Olas, the niche you are aiming for is clear.

You want to attract the EXACT same people who visit our website or follow us on our huge social media network. Who are they?

  • Local residents
  • Those who work in the area
  • Other owners of local business
  • People who are planning to visit our area soon
  • People who own second homes in the area and visit often
  • Concierges and staff from Fort Lauderdale hotels and other accommodations
  • Pursers and cruise ship staff on vessels that dock in Port Everglades
  • Travel professionals from all over the world
  • People who live within easy driving distance of our area such as Miami, Boca Raton and so on
  • Private boat owners who are visiting Fort Lauderdale
How do we know this?
  • We receive regular emails via our website giving advice, information and recommendations. These are mostly from people who are about to visit the area
  • Every day we get many messages on social media from people who are also looking for information. The majority of these are South Florida residents but we get inquiries from visitors also
  • We study our site’s statistics several times a day and these show us, in real time, who is visiting the site and which pages interest them
  • Social media provides statistic too which are equally carefully studied. We don’t rely on Facebook’s standard analytics, for example, we download and analyze – often
  • People we meet ‘in real life’!
A great example of niche marketing was achieved by Toyota when they developed the environmentally-friendly Prius model. Obviously this wasn’t going to appeal to people who were looking for a Ferrari so Toyota marketed the vehicle almost exclusively to a niche market – people who were concerned about eco-friendliness. The common wisdom in internet marketing is that the BEST situation you can have in any market, is one where you know what keywords can provide easy search traffic.  We have been running Las Olas websites (in addition to hundreds of others) for over ten years – if anyone knows about local targets and keywords – it’s us :)
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    Our 'Team Las Olas' family of websites and social media accounts are different. Why? Because of the quality of our followers.

    Our likers, readers and sharers follow of their own accord. Most are active, busy and loyal to the Fort Lauderdale area. They either live here and work here, or have a visit in mind very soon.

    They come to us because we are active and in touch with what's going on in and around Las Olas. From Colee Hammock or Colombia all our followers feel connected to the boulevard.

    Our aim is to create a vibrant and interesting online community around Las Olas and Fort Lauderdale. This community is thriving because, as we work and connect, we are ALL Team Las Olas.

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