Two new services we know you’ll like

If you’ve been taking a good look around this site, you’ll know that your article on our website will go to many places on the internet and in our huge social media network. What you maybe didn’t know is that we are always looking for even more ways to promote Las Olas, downtown, the beach and surrounding areas. And we have two new services we know you’ll love.

Here’s where your article goes.

And now for the new services. The first is a travel guide we have set up. If your business or organization has a bricks and mortar location, you’ll be added to our travel guides. Yes, actually, there are two guides – one to Las Olas and surrounding areas specifically and the other a general Fort Lauderdale guide. See below how beautiful it is:

The Las Olas travel guide

There are a few things I’d like to point out about our travel guide:

  • You’ll see that we don’t just add your business, we write a review too
  • We give your business a star rating
  • We upload several gorgeous photographs of your business

What’s more, this guide is part of a worldwide geo location app, widely used on cellphones. It’s like a mix of Foursquare, Yelp, Trip Advisor and Pinterest. See below how this is on a cellphone:

Las Olas travel guide seen on a cellphone

Isn’t that gorgeous? And from the app, viewers can add a review and a star rating, send the details to Facebook, Twitter or email, add it to their trip plan or their ‘been here’ section, read our review, see all the photographs we uploaded … wow. This is a great addition to our service and comes at no extra charge. Even more wow!

But I said two new services! Several years ago, email marketing was a big thing. People made a lot of money selling lists of email addresses. This meant that we all received a lot of unwanted email and this method of marketing has been slowly fading in popularity. But we wanted to give it a new spin.

What if people received news that they really wanted? What if it came from someone they had dealt with before rather than some faceless entity? We see no point in sending out advertising emails to a list of 3000 people when only ten percent open them and a very small percentage actually act on them. But what if you could personalize a newsletter (for want of a better description) exactly how you need it for your clients?  And then email it to your own clients? After all, selling to your previous customers is a lot easier than finding new ones.

Here’s a great example:

Email advertising

In this particular case it’s a compendium of a store’s articles on our site. So beautiful, clean and with inviting images! And how does it look on a cellphone? This is important because more and more people are checking their mail on the go these days.

Team Las Olas newsletter service seen on a cellphone

This service was added with an eye to the future. By this time next year how many people will be checking their email on their phones and rarely on their computers? Here’s some info:

90% of smartphone owners access the same email account on mobile and desktop.  “The 2012 channel preference survey” (2012)

More email is read Mobile than on a desktop email client or via webmail. Stats say 36% of email is now opened on a mobile device, with 33% for desktop and 31% for webmail. ”Has your audience gone Mobile” (June 2012)

Now, look again at the cellphone image. Do you see the icons top left? These mean that anyone receiving your email can instantly send it to Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and more. (The + symbol gives sharing options to just about every site ever known to man!)

When we’ve created your custom newsletter, we email it to you. Your options?

  • Send it to your Twitter account, your Facebook page, your Google+ or any of your other social media accounts
  • Email it to your own mail list
  • The newsletter is also online so spread the word about the link.

You’re in control! And the other wonderful thing is that when you have another article on our site, we update your newsletter to include it!


Wow, we’re good ;)

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