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If you’ve read a few of our rants here, you’ll know how obsessive I am about studying our site’s statistics. There are many reasons for that. Our stats are in real time and seeing exactly what’s going on helps us shape the site for the future.

Today, I thought you might be interested in the search terms that were used this morning that led people to our site. We have a great search engine presence and this is what people who came to the website typed in to find us:

(Oh, I’ve put them in alphabetical order by the way and they are exactly as entered – any typos are not me :) )

  • american sports bar
  • Apple specialist las olas
  • art store los olas
  • bohemian+style+las+olas
  • brooklyn ice las olas
  • cheers for charity las olas
  • copa cabana fl las olas
  • Eten Food Company
  • evoo las olas
  • farmers market las olas blvd
  • fashion store las olas
  • fort lauderdal winterfest 2012 fl
  • fort lauderdale las olas boulevard
  • frank and ivy stranahan
  • french food on las olas
  • girlfriends boutique las olas
  • grand floridian take out las olas menu
  • gran forno fort lauderdale
  • grille 401 las olas
  • grilled peaches with almonds and honey
  • havana republic cigars las olas
  • international-talk-like-a-pirate-day
  • inaugural las olas oktoberfest
  • jamali gallery fort lauderdale
  • John Ashley, Florida
  • las olas blvd wensdays
  • Las Olas Boulevard Dining
  • las olas boulevard highlight
  • Las Olas Breakfast
  • las olas cigar bar
  • las olas oktoberfest
  • lasolas recipe
  • las olas restaurants for all ages
  • lasolas bridal blvd
  • lf+las+olas
  • lorraine wine
  • menu for american social in las olas
  • mission giftstore
  • new river fine art las olas
  • noodles panini las olas
  • one click apple store las olas
  • one click en Fort Lauderdale
  • pan\’e dolci italian bakery las olas
  • richard mancuso greenway
  • royal pig
  • shopping on las olas boulevard
  • spices store ft laud
  • stacey goren las olas
  • The Royal Pig Las Olas
  • wedding venues broward county

If you see your business in that list, that’s good. It means that viewers who searched for you found your article or listing. . So let’s hope that it was looking its best.  But remember our ‘you might also like’ feature. If you have a directory page only, directory pages do not come up in the ‘you might also like’ list.

However, the opposite is true of listings pages. Remember that the ‘you might also like’ feature is automatically generated. The system looks for article which are similar. If you have several articles, they will show up first in the list. Viewers will click on them and find out even more information about your business. Here’s an example:

The screenshot above is the St Tropez listings page. They have been included in several articles, hence the list. When the viewer clicks on the first, they see an illustrated article about St Tropez.  This reinforces the viewer’s positivity about the business.  The second, third and fourth are the same. (You can see that the message here is that if a business has six articles, all their articles will be shown. See below.)

How’s that for a perfect result?

Now take a look at this one. This is a new business (just added yesterday) so none of the related links actually relate to the business as this is the only mention of this business on the site – to date.

The system realizes that this new business relates to food, hence the first two links. After that, it’s a little bit in the dark and just grabs words from other articles.

This is why we recommend at least six articles for the best results. Don’t worry, you don’t have to get them all at once – whenever it suits you. When you’re ready, get in touch :)

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