The social media bandwagon

So many people jumped onto it in the last few years. Social media experts popped up everywhere. Who were/are they?

  • Computer techies: After all, social media is all about computers. (Wrong)
  • Web designers: We can put ‘follow me on Facebook’ on your website. (Well I never…)
  • Advertising agencies: We can send out advertising messages to your Facebook page. (Why?)
  • Youngsters: We grew up with social media. (I grew up with television but I couldn’t make a TV ad)
  • PR firms:  We can put out press releases about your Facebook page. (Wow)

But the problem was, and still is, that they don’t get it. Now I really don’t like these comparison ads, I’ve ranted about it previously, but I do feel the need to warn you about some of these experts. Kindly, though, I don’t mention their names and I block out reference to their company on screenshots :)

So here are a few from a ‘social media marketing company’. This is their Facebook page. (You too could have 52followers!)

This is their Twitter account:

Google +

Yes, that really does say ’2′. They have a LinkedIn group via which they can promote you too:

I wonder when they last wrote in their blog?

Wonder no more.

Here’s their Pinterest page:

Ah, no Pinterest. No curation platforms either.

Now I understand that social media is very much an add-on for this company. They offer various webbery-type services and social media seemed to naturally follow on from that. I’m sure that they are very successful in their other ventures.

But if you are planning to employ social media experts, do check out their infrastructure :)


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