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I know that I write too much and need severe editing. Someone asked me to please summarize our social media services because there’s so much information on this site!

What I am going to do here is describe a weekly service but remember that you can use this service at any time.  You don’t have to sign up for a certain number of months – it’s entirely up to you. But if you are using Team Las Olas weekly, this is how it works:

  • Our first move it to write an article about the subject of your choice. It can be a general article about your business or organization or it can be to promote a special event or new product or service. It could be ‘this week’s news from [your business name]. Maybe you want to devote an article to a specific member of staff? You choose!
  • Your article will be written with search engine-friendliness in mind
  • If anyone is looking at your article on an iPad or a phone, it will still look terrific
  • This article is then uploaded to our popular Las Olas website. It will be the top article on the home page. Gradually, as new articles are added, it will leave the home page but will remain on our site permanently.
  • Because of this, our first priority is to get your article into search engines – where it will stay to be found permanently.

Then we begin to add your article to our locally targeted social media accounts as followers:

  • Twitter. Your article will go to our long-established, highly followed main Twitter account.
  • We have several other accounts, one of which will be suitable for your article – dine las olas, art las olas, las olas beauty, fashion las olas,  shop las olas, las olas realty, las olas jobs and more …
  • Pinterest. Because your article will have beautiful imagery, it will be suitable for this highly visual social media platform
  • Google +.  Amongst our followers on Google + we have a good number of local hotels – all looking for something to recommend to their guests
  • Facebook. Our Facebook articles and images are regularly shared and again, this includes local hotels and resorts
  • Our daily online paper, where it will be headline news. This is emailed to subscribers AND tweeted. It is also seen on our website
  • Team Las Olas curation. It may be added to our Events in Fort Lauderdale also
  • RebelMouse. This is a stand-alone page but also is on the Social Hub on our website
  • Newsletter. We create a special newsletter for you with your article and related news

Yes, every single article gets that treatment. If you have an article every week, that’s a HUGE amount of exposure.

When I was a kid, there was a vendor at the local market who sold china. He would hold up a set and say ‘How much do I want for this? £30? No. £20? No, not £20. I’m not even asking £10. I’m going to let you have this wonderful item for just £5. So, taking a leaf out of his book, how much would you pay for that kind of exposure? $400? No, we don’t charge that. $200? Nope, not $200. Not even $200 for ALL the above. You could pay $200 just for the article and its upload to our site. But we’re not even charging $100. Each article you have on our site and added to all our social media is just $50. Why? Are we crazy? Here’s why:

  • At such good value, almost every business and organization can afford to make the most of this. You choose – an article a week, an article a month, or just on demand
  • We strongly believe in promoting our local area and encouraging people to shop (and eat, and play) locally
  • We don’t want to be an exclusive site that only the wealthier companies can afford
Then of course:
  • We want your articles to be affordable so that you’ll come back for more – and we think you will :)


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    Our 'Team Las Olas' family of websites and social media accounts are different. Why? Because of the quality of our followers.

    Our likers, readers and sharers follow of their own accord. Most are active, busy and loyal to the Fort Lauderdale area. They either live here and work here, or have a visit in mind very soon.

    They come to us because we are active and in touch with what's going on in and around Las Olas. From Colee Hammock or Colombia all our followers feel connected to the boulevard.

    Our aim is to create a vibrant and interesting online community around Las Olas and Fort Lauderdale. This community is thriving because, as we work and connect, we are ALL Team Las Olas.

    Email us to learn more!