Plan your article dates carefully for our editorial calendar

I’ve written before about making sure that your articles are planned in advance (although remember that if you have urgent news we can always fit you in) and this weekend is a great example of exactly why.

As you know, the page on which we show our most popular articles is automatically generated. We can’t ‘fix’ it. We can enhance it by sending your articles to our social media network but nevertheless, this page is a true reflection of where people are going on the site. See below:

Look at numbers 1, 3, 5  and 6.  This is easily explained because the three day Oktoberfest event started yesterday – so of course people are searching for it in Google and other search engines to find out the details. The ‘latest photographs’ is at the top because no other site published photographs live from the event so of course they are going to be in the prime spot.

Plan your articles so they don’t have too much competition. Consider the weeks and months ahead. If you can, get in to our editorial calendar first! Look at it this way – if you’d had an article a few weeks ago that mentioned Oktoberfest, your article would probably be up there in the top ten too. (‘But I have a shoe shop / bakery / jewelry store / gallery / whatever so how can I tie that into Oktoberfest / Las Olas Art Fair /  Thanksgiving / Christmas on Las Olas / Valentine’s Day / whatever/’. You can. believe me.) And remember that your article would also be under Oktoberfest articles thanks to the automatically generated ‘you might also like’ feature:

So you can see how this works. Viewers want details about Oktoberfest. They read the article. And at the bottom, they see ‘you might also like’ and your company name. Rest assured that the ‘most popular’ feature proves that people do go to those related links. (Yes, I can adjust the number of related links. If we have ten articles – including yours – that relates to Thanksgiving, I can change the figure to ten, site-wide).

This is internet marketing at its best.

One of the reasons our site is so popular is because of the mix of articles – reviews, information, events, job hires, history and articles about specific businesses. This endears us to search engines (they major in content marketing these days) and also to our viewers.

It’s also important to note that ‘you might also like’ links are automatically added to new articles. So, to simplify things a little, if you have an article that uses the words ‘art’, ‘fair’, ‘las olas’ you’re very likely to be featured in the related links when we add articles about the forthcoming art fair.

What a beautiful system we have created for you :)


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