Most popular Las Olas articles and listings

On our Las Olas website, we have a page which shows the most popular articles and listings pages – in real time. This is automatically generated and shows what our most recent visitors have been reading.

These are listed in order of popularity of course – the article or listings page that has had the most visitors on the last half hour is at the top of the list.

Here’s a screenshot:


I confess that the article about our new book – From the Beach to the Boulevard – is at the top of this list because I’ve been actively promoting it this morning. ;)

Often, I look at this page. Then I refresh it to see what’s new. That, and studying our website statistics, tells me what our viewers want to read. But there are other reasons for having a ‘top articles’ page and you’ll notice that huge news sites invariably have this feature. Why?

Well, to some extent, we are all sheep. We want to see what other people are reading and follow their lead. There’s also an aspect of  ’voyeurism’ – it’s interesting to know what other people are doing. Top article features are also rather like endorsements – ‘if everyone is reading that article, I guess I should too’.

Two questions have probably come to mind.  People have asked me if I can manipulate this list. Can I make an article appear higher in the order? (I understand that everyone wants to be in the top ten!) The answer is yes and no. I can’t tell web viewers what links to click on when they come to our site and I can’t artificially manipulate it either – this list is automatically generated so I can’t mess with it. But what I can do is make an article appear higher on the list by promoting the link on our huge social media network. This is how I got the article about our new book to top place.

The other question probably is whether you can do anything to promote your article to top spot. Yes, you can – just do exactly what I do and promote it to your own social media. You can also add it to your emails or add a link on your own website or blog. Make it into a Facebook contest – post a link to your article with ‘come into our restaurant and tell us the seventh and the fifteenth words in this article and get a free appetizer with your dinner’. There are many creative ways to use your article.


Before I end, have you noticed how the ‘related article’ feature on our site helps the list above? (If you’re unfamiliar with our site the image below shows the ‘you might also like’ feature that follows every article).

You might have looked at the first image above and thought ‘Why is it that Zola Keller features twice?’ ‘There are two articles about the Spice Quarter – why?’  Well, that’s the ‘related links’ / ‘you might also like’ feature kicking in. People have read an article about Zola Keller and right underneath, there is a suggestion to visit another article about her.

How do you benefit from this? Simple – if you have six articles (or more) they will automatically be connected in the ‘you might also like’ feature.

The combination of the popular articles feature and the related articles feature is like setting a snowball rolling from the top of a steep hill. It gains momentum and gathers more snow as it goes down. Your article gains momentum and gains readers which means it gains popularity which makes it rise higher in the popular articles page… and then the whole thing starts over again…

Remember too that listings pages are included in the most popular pages so head on over the to site to ensure that your listings page is in great shape!

EDIT: In the time it took me to write the above, the hit parade listing have changed. When I took the screenshot above, we had:

  1. Las Olas – from the beach to the boulevard
  2. Top news
  3. Art Connection
  4. Voodka Brasserie
  5. Entertainers
  6. Music Monday
Now, we have:
  1. Las Olas – from the beach to the boulevard
  2. Top news
  3. Grille 401
  4. Art Connection
  5. Voodka Brasserie
  6. Entertainers
By the time I go back to the page, it will have changed again, no doubt!




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