Making the most of social media

One of the wonderful aspects of social media is that you (or, I should say, we) can react quickly and effectively. Let me give you the perfect example.

Yesterday the Society of Professional Journalists conference delegates arrived in Fort Lauderdale for a three day event. How many? I don’t know but let me tell you that there are more than thirty organizations just exhibiting there. If each of those has sent three people, that’s around a hundred and that’s not including the delegates.

What I can guarantee is that there will be a lot of people. The Society has developed a phone app specifically for the event and they certainly wouldn’t do that unless the attendance was going to be huge. I’ve looked at the schedule and the atendees will have plenty of free time and where do we want them to go during that time? Of course, Las Olas!

Here’s something that caught my eye on the event’s website.

You don’t have to be a Twitter expert to realize that the journalists (and journalists use Twitter a lot) are looking for tweets with the hashtag #EIJ12, right? It doesn’t matter if you don’t know what a hashtag is; it’s just an identifier but what it means is that tweet thus tagged will be seen by attendees. It’s very bad form to ‘hijack’ these tags but what was OK was to welcome the delegates to our area. That’s not commercial, that’s friendly. And informative, since we included a link to our site. We then followed this message with a photograph live from the boulevard:

Not with their hashtag, that would be abusing it, but the chances are that a large number of delegates saw and will see it. We followed this up with another photograph, which is our normal morning routine.

But let’s get back to the tweet with a link to your website. Was YOUR business on our homepage? If so, you are very fortunate. If not, why not?

Something that I can tell you is that since I sent that message to Twitter hits to the website have gone through the roof – it zoomed up way above normal levels – and these visitors are people in Fort Lauderdale, mostly using cellphones. Coincidence? I don’t think so. The delegates, exhibitors and organizers are in town until Sunday. Make the most of it.


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