Las Olas is misrepresented

Ladies and gentlemen of Las Olas  - our boulevard is being unfairly represented online and we need to do something about this now.

I have just had a major rant (again) on our Las Olas website because once again, I have seen a ‘review’ online which says that a) there is no art worth seeing on the boulevard b) there are no food outlets that are anything special and c) that the shopping is ‘poor’. What absolute nonsense. You and I know this person is talking out of their … never mind … but the fact remains that anyone can write a review on Trip Advisor and other popular websites EVEN IF THEY ARE DOWNRIGHT UNTRUE.

But how many people visit Trip Advisor every day? Sure, there are great reviews too but imagine that reviews like the one above stop just one person a day coming to the boulevard. That’s one person less eating at your restaurant or shopping at your store or gallery. Not good at all. (And it’s not just that one site – the Cruise Critic forums have similar balderdash).

Now I can think of two reasons for these dodgy reviews. The first is that, for some reason known only to themselves, these people have been to the Riverfront complex and not Las Olas Boulevard. (I have known this happen). The second is that someone, somewhere is representing the boulevard incorrectly. I am certain that these people who write these ridiculous reviews haven’t been to the Las Olas Boulevard we know and love.

The guy who wrote this (who was here just a few days ago incidentally) said ‘I was done in thirty minutes’. Excuse me? Las Olas Boulevard is about 2.5 miles from the Museum of Art (art, notice!) to the Elbo Room and you can cover that in half an hour?

Look guys, I’m trying hard here to make sure that the world (yes, international visitors too) knows that Las Olas is a fabulous place to be. Our huge social media network helps a lot. But I am asking for your help here. And I’m not just talking to businesses which are located on the boulevard.  Everyone in the area – downtown, the beach, the Riverwalk and so on – benefits from their proximity to the boulevard. And these same people or organization lose when the boulevard does too. If we lose visitors, you do too.

What are we going to do about this? Our boulevard is being misrepresented and this needs to stop. I’d welcome your ideas and comments.

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