Images and overseas site visitors

During the past twenty years or so, the world has opened up enormously. Today, we are seeing visitors in Fort Lauderdale from China, India, Australia and all those places we think of when someone mentions a ‘long-haul’ flight. And the internet has helped considerably as more and more countries have made it available. This means that people browsing our website might not have a clue what we’re saying :)

But the cliché remains that our pictures are telling thousands of words. Our images aren’t just randomly selected – they are carefully chosen to give an accurate picture of our area. The image on our index page changes regularly but we always use an inviting image which typifies our area. Here’s the current index page:

Now imagine our Chinese couple looking at that. I don’t speak Chinese but I’m sure that they would say “Look at that fabulous boat. See the palm trees?”

Then they go to our homepage:

Look! Modern buildings but Mediterranean courtyards too. Beautifully packaged gifts …. yachts … blue skies … palm tress ...

They scroll down:

What a beautiful area! And so on. They’ll see the beach at sunrise,  the Riverwalk, the Stranahan House, the flora and fauna … they don’t have to read English to understand our area is stunning.

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