How the article chain works

One of the most popular pages on our Las Olas websites is … the popular article page. Understandably – people want to know what others are reading. The most popular pages are also shown in the sidebar. (‘Popular’ means the article which has been seen by the most individuals).

Naturally, you want your articles to be on that list. And every person who reads your article counts as a ‘vote’ and keeps you there.

  1. Your article is one of the top most popular in our listings
  2. Because of this people click on it
  3. Because people click on it, it remains in the top listing
  4. Every click is a ‘vote’ to move you up in the rankings
  5. So you stay in the top listing and get even more exposure
  6. The cycle repeats and repeats

(This is so important that I’m going to bold it) The top rankings are automatically generated. I can’t fake it. It is 100% genuinely the most popular pages on the website. And I wouldn’t want to. Our site is always a genuine reflection of our area and the top articles feature is no exception.

Can I enhance it? Yes.  Posting articles to our enormous social media network invariably increases hits and therefore puts (or keeps) an article in the list.

Can you enhance it? Yes – by promoting your article. One particular article tends to invariably hover near the top – this is because the person in question has the article as an email signature, for example.

Other factors affect the list too, of course. The number one today is an article about the Las Olas Oktoberfest which starts today and continues over the weekend – I expect this to remain at the top for a couple of days (but who knows?) Also, I promote some articles – for example, the one about our latest book.

If your article is in the list – and it will be on the day it’s published due to our social media – the viewers who see it will also have the opportunity to see your other articles too Why? The ‘you might also like’ feature below your article. See below:

This is turn elevates your other articles into the list. And so the cycle starts again…

What happens if you don’t have other articles? This:

(Bold again) It’s important to remember that the ‘you may also like’ list is also automatically generated. When these are generated, the system looks at the title of the article first and sees if it ties up with another. If it doesn’t, then the system looks at the content of the page. This means that it will probably show links to your competitors’ articles. Why is that? Because of our community. We care about all the businesses on Las Olas Boulevard. We believe that if a reader is looking for somewhere to have lunch for instance, they are given options. The site wouldn’t be a fair representation of the many great things we have to offer here on Las Olas if businesses were ‘hand-picked’ for any reason.

In the example above, the article is about a bakery. So let’s have a look at those related links:

  1. The first has very little to do with the bakery but examining the articles, quite a few of the words in one were in the other
  2. The breakfast on Las Olas article mentions the bakery – but all the others too
  3. This article also mentions it – and anywhere on Las Olas where sandwiches are sold
  4. This is a direct competitor to the bakery in the article
  5. This article mentions the bakery but is largely about a restaurant – both the bakery and the restaurant serve lunch so are in competition for lunchtime visitors
  6. The last article is in no way related to the bakery but it has taken the viewer onto a voyage of discover due to its related links
Take a look at the first one again – let’s assume that there were some viewers who didn’t click on the related links. You just took a look – don’t you now have The Spice Quarter in mind? Isn’t that a great part of advertising – repetition, repetition, repetition? No-one books one single TV ad.
These two features – popular articles and related links have two purposes:
  1. To enable our website viewers to find out as much as possible to help them enjoy our boulevard
  2. To help you to promote your business using internet marketing and social media
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