Environmentally-friendly local marketing

Can marketing be environmentally-friendly? We certainly believe so and what’s more, this isn’t a bandwagon that we’ve recently climbed onto :)

Why is the Team Las Olas marketing system eco-friendly?

  • We market your business online. The majority of our social media work is done via our iPhones and do you know how much it costs in electricity for charging the phones? Here’s a quote from an article written in June this year. “The analysis shows that the Apple iPhone consumes 2.2 kWh of electricity each year, which results in a power cost of $0.25 annually.” We have three phones. $0.75 per year is spent on electricity to fire them up. Not at all bad, I think.
  • Our website hosting company are as green as they can possibly be because for several years they have used renewable energy certificates to ensure that their data centers and premises use power generated in eco-friendly ways.
  • The whole ethos of Team Las Olas is shopping, dining and playing locally. Spending money locally makes so much sense on so many levels and Team Las Olas exists to foster, help and promote a specific, small neighborhood – its businesses, its residents, its workers and its guests.
  • Our ‘office’ is actually our tiny, energy-conscious home. We do not pay senseless money to large corporations to rent extravagant  premises in order to impress our clients. As we are treehuggers of old, we recycle, re-use and re-purpose as a matter of course.
  • Taking photographs of your business is a large part of what we do to promote you and our area in these days of visual communication. All are digital which required no chemicals or other materials  and 99.9% are taken on an iPhone. No batteries are required and we do not have to renew expensive camera equipment.
  • Our Team Las Olas magazine is an online magazine only. It can be viewed online or downloaded as a PDF for offline viewing. Although we do have an office printer, I can’t recall printing a single thing in the last year or more – or even the last time we bought a ream of paper. We do not have a paper-wasting fax machine.
  • Unlike most offices, we rely on natural light and have no lights burning at all during daylight hours. We do not use air-conditioning – we have our windows open to catch the breeze.
  • The only printed material we produce is our range of high-quality, hard-cover art books. Our books themselves are treasured items of beauty in their own right.

It’s OK, we’re not fanatics, we’re not 100% green by any means. But I’m 99.9% certain that we’re the most eco-friendly marketing company locally. We’re not weird – well, we are but in a nice way :) – and we believe in what we do. Come for a client meeting with us and you won’t be in a conference room. Come in shorts and a t-shirt – we’ll meet sitting on our dock by the water. Can we tempt you with some locally-bought fresh bread and cheese? Along with some fruit and vegetables from the Las Olas market? And herbs grown in our garden? (Yes, we’re vegetarian too).

Some people say that being environmentally-friendly is expensive. I see what they mean – organic products and so on are generally more expensive but here we have a situation where eco-friendly is less expensive.  What’s more, our marketing is effective.  Get in touch – come for lunch – learn more :)

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