Do check that your PR and marketing firm is up to date

I really don’t like those comparison ads. You know the ones, where Chevy compare one of their vehicles to a Ford equivalent. No-one really studies ads closely and it’s hard to tell whether the subject of the ad is Ford … or is it Chevy?

I also don’t like to malign other companies – we all have a living to make – however business is business. I was just reading some disparaging remarks about a PR and marketing firm on a website. They have been responsible for the marketing on two local restaurants recently. One closed after a very short run and the other is now for sale after being open for only slightly longer than the first. Despite two failures, they are now representing another upcoming local restaurant. (No, I’m not doing to name any of them – I’m not that bad). On their website (which is flash and therefore won’t work on a phone or a tablet) has this as the top story on their ‘events’ page.

Note two things. 1. How nice I am to take the time and trouble to remove the name of the restaurant and the restaurateur and 2. The latest event on their website happened nearly two years ago. Yep. They do have a Facebook page but post spasmodically – nothing for a week or so then three or four posts on the same day. They are the same on Twitter and have only a handful of followers. And I don’t find any other social media or curation services. Also, they are not local…

Marketing a restaurant on Las Olas Boulevard isn’t easy. The new restaurant needs to reach local influencers. Where are those influencers? On our followers lists on our several Twitter accounts, our Facebook page, our Pinterest boards, our Google+ circles. The influencers subscribe to our curation services, follow our travel guide and read our website.

No this isn’t sour grapes because we didn’t get the job. We didn’t try to get the job. It’s just a great example to demonstrate that marketing a business, new or existing,  is a very serious matter and the internet – whether websites or social media – is a huge and cost-effective way to succeed.

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