Case study – Las Olas event

Last weekend, Mission Gifts and the Upper Room Art Gallery held a fantastic event which we were happy to promote. Here’s what we did:

The first move was to write a beautiful ‘save the date’ article on our Las Olas website. See below.

In common with all our articles, it had social sharing buttons which allows readers to add the article to their own social media sites, plus an interactive map so people could see exactly where the event would take place. When first published the article was in pride of place on our homepage. The next thing that happens to our articles is that search engines index them.

We have a great record of getting our articles into search engines in minutes. Then we started adding the article to social media. To Twitter:

Not just one Twitter account – because this was an event at a gallery, it could also go to our Art Las Olas account.

Then Facebook.


Google +

Then, we added the article to our online daily paper as headline news. Subscribers then receive an email telling them that the day’s issue of the paper is available. The paper is also embedded on our Las Olas website and this one.

The article then went to our Team Las Olas curation service.

And our Fort Lauderdale events service.

It was also added to our RebelMouse account which means that it was added to the social hub on our website but I forgot to take a screenshot of that. :) And there’s more! Remember our online daily paper? That was then sent to Twitter, to two accounts.

Because Mission Gifts had now become a member of Team Las Olas, we added them to our Las Olas travel guide and wrote a review. This is also included in our Fort Lauderdale guide.

Next, we created two nesletters that could be emailed. They were also online. One was a review of art news on Las Olas, the other a general save the date newsletter showing forthcoming events. Of course, the event we were promoting was the headline news in both.


Because both of these contained other interesting news, they weren’t seen as promoting that event particularly – they were informative and helpful.

Now I’m sure that you’re thinking that this was a pretty extensive and wonderful campaign – and it was. But there’s more. The day before the event, we repeated the entire process. We wrote an article for people who were planning their weekend.


And you won’t be surprised to learn that this article too went to Pinterest, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Team Las Olas Curation, our daily online paper, Events in Fort Lauderdale curation … plus our new social media hub.

WOW :)



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