An example of Twitter in amateur hands

This is a story about sport that happened yesterday and today but it’s applicable to any business. Normally, the moral of the story comes at the end but in this case, it’s coming now – a Twitter message is not a fleeting thing as many people like to think; it is permanent.

That means that if your intern who is ‘running your social media’ makes a mistake, it will not disappear if it’s deleted.

The example from the last couple of days features a Formula One driver but you don’t have to understand the sport to get this. Yesterday, the drivers were qualifying. The driver in question did a lot worse than his team-mate. And he tweeted.

Deleted tweet

You don’t need to understand – you just need to notice two things.

1. The reference to ‘WTF’ was not, as one commentator sarcastically suggested, a reference to the World Trampolining Federation.
2. It says underneath ‘the deleted … tweet’.

Because the person had deleted the message. But many, many people had taken screenshots already. To compound matters, he then tweeted graphical information that was private. His team insisted that he remove that. But again, screenshots had been taken. Who by? Oh, like the BBC for example?

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