You wouldn’t start a magazine

That’s something I wrote in a recent article and I thought I’d expand on it a little. Let’s imagine that, as a business owner or manager, you want to advertise in a print magazine. So you decide to start your own magazine. Crazy? Well of course, but bear with me :)

To start your own magazine you have to do a lot of things that it’s unlikely you have any real training for. Even if you did, you’d be starting from scratch – building up circulation, acquiring compelling content, making it look good, getting to be trustworthy … and a million other things too.

OK, we know that the above is completely ridiculous. You’d just go to an existing magazine, wouldn’t you?

So, now let’s imagine that you want to make the most of social media. You have to:

  • Open accounts at various social media sites (four minimum)
  • Write bios and ‘about’ pages
  • Make sure the accounts look good and have suitable icons, backgrounds and cover pages
  • The big one – attract and keep followers
  • Start curation services to promote your social media accounts
  • Write blogs so that you’ll be posting original content
  • Take great images for the more visually focused media such as Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook
  • Monitor your social media at all times to interact with your followers
  • Upload to your social media accounts consistently
  • Monitor your results
  • Collect data

And a great deal more. Just like the crazy magazine article example, why would you do that? Just as you wouldn’t start your own magazine in which to advertise, why would you create all those social media accounts? And run them/ After all, if your social media is going to be successful, it’s not something that can be done half-heartedly by your secretary. This is why I’ve occasionally heard ‘I tried social media, but it didn’t work’.

It will – with TeamLasOlas :)


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