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Your social media campaign is based around our fully-featured website – iamlasolas.com

As part of our service to you, we write an article on this popular, established website. This is also sent to our social media accounts – of which we have many; also long-established and a trusted source of information. The article will quickly be in search engines.

The system is simple: if you want a twice weekly service, we write two articles about you every week. These are then added to our social media accounts and our curation services. These articles are permanent. They remain on our site and they remain in search engines. Or if you just want an ‘on demand’ service, maybe an article when you have exciting news or prior to the holidays, that’s fine too. You’re in charge.

Here are some additional features of our website that you can use as part of your campaign.

The image on the very first page of our website can be of your business. You can take advantage of this for the time period you specify. We do not accept advertising on this page of any sort – it will be an artistic rendition of your business.

All pages of our site, including the articles about your business have full social sharing capabilities which enable viewers to add your article to their own Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Pinterest accounts.

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    Our 'Team Las Olas' family of websites and social media accounts are different. Why? Because of the quality of our followers.

    Our likers, readers and sharers follow of their own accord. Most are active, busy and loyal to the Fort Lauderdale area. They either live here and work here, or have a visit in mind very soon.

    They come to us because we are active and in touch with what's going on in and around Las Olas. From Colee Hammock or Colombia all our followers feel connected to the boulevard.

    Our aim is to create a vibrant and interesting online community around Las Olas and Fort Lauderdale. This community is thriving because, as we work and connect, we are ALL Team Las Olas.

    Email us to learn more!